25, 50 or 80 Minutes                                                                $35, 65,95   

All massage services are specific to your needs. Each massage will be customized to the pressure and specific attention your body needs. Full body or specific area work can be addressed depending on the time frame.  


25 or 50 Minutes                                                                                $35, 65

Each Reiki service will include a full chakra balancing, unless otherwise specified.

Reflexology                                                                                          $40, 75

25 or 50 Minutes

Activation of pressure points in the feet to help stimulate organs and body functions. This service is for relaxation purposes and not used to treat or diagnose. A head and neck massage are included in the 50 minute service.


 ​CBD Massage                                                                                             $75

 50 Minutes

A pain relieving massage using handmade, organic CBD body butter made in house.  Use this massage to focus on specific areas or full body.

Signature Aromatherapy                                                                      $70
50 Minutes

An aromatherapy massage sure to relax and quiet the senses. 
Single aromatherapy oils can be added to any service for an addition fee of $